Simplify Your ROP Practice

A Centralized Exam Schedule

ROP Check is online. That makes it easy for the NICU to share the same exam schedule with the outpatient practice.

Fast ROP Exam Documentation

The ophthalmologist can save exams on a computer or iPad just as easily as if using paper. The eye can be drawn in color.

Telemedicine Platform

ROP Check works with any camera and makes it easy to perform a HIPAA compliant telemedicine ROP exam.

VON and Magnet Reporting

Monitor the activity in your NICU simply by running a report. You can also reprint exams and enter billing.

The Superior ROP Safety Net Solution

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Perfect (100%) execution for babies meeting criteria for an exam in > 100 patients. This compares to a benchmark standard of 66%-73% in the Vermont Oxford Network.


Capture of an additional 50% of patients using AAP criteria that captures infants 31-32 weeks gestation that are at risk for ROP because of prolonged oxygen need or respiratory illness.

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